Title Insurance Policies from Black River Title

Comprehensive title protection provides peace of mind when you invest in a commercial property, multi-family residence, or single-family home. At Black River Title, we partner with lenders, banks, developers, investors, and property owners to facilitate real estate purchases, new construction, and property refinancing.

Benefits of Black River Title Insurance Protection

Certified Title Professional (CTP) Danny May and his teams provide ALTA-compliant title services that safeguard consumers, developers, and sellers. Advantages of working with Black River Title include:

  • Fast, accurate real estate transactions
  • Quality service tailored to today’s regulatory environment
  • Leading technology systems
  • Seamless access to liens, property tax records & chains of title
  • Protection against financial loss

Black River Title issues your title insurance policy after a thorough examination of public records and chain of title, and our title insurance policies help to protect ownership rights as long as you or your heirs have an interest in a property. Your title insurance policy premium is a one-time fee collected at closing and provides a free defense of property title attacks and payment of valid claims. Depending on the terms of your policy, it may offer protection from:

  • Investment loss
  • Zoning, subdivision, covenant & building permit violations
  • Forgery or fraudulent deeds & leases
  • Missing heirs or persons of unsound mind
  • Inadequate property descriptions
  • Title recording or indexing mistakes
  • Newly discovered easements
  • Prior liens not released in time for the sale
  • Fabricated or expired power of attorney

With Black River Title policies, commercial and residential property owners are protected days, months, or even years after closing—when many of these problems are discovered.

Additional New Jersey Title Services

In addition to the issuing of title insurance policies for commercial and residential transactions, Black River provides other services to support your real estate transaction:

  • Appraisals
  • Due diligence services
  • Flood certifications & land surveys
  • Zoning reports
  • Hazard disclosure reports
  • Wood-boring insect certifications
  • Waste/septic system certifications
  • Escrow settlement services
  • National recording services
  • Judgment & lien payoffs

Request a Black River Title Insurance Policy

Black River Title is a licensed NJ title insurance professional. Backed by the experience, skill, and financial strength of a leading underwriter, our team offers high-caliber settlement services for law firms, developers, real estate brokers, and property owners. Contact Certified Title Professional Danny May to facilitate your transaction or request an expedited title turnaround: 908.979.8982.

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