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Black River Title performs comprehensive property title searches and examinations for residential and commercial properties throughout New Jersey. During your title search, our skilled professionals examine historical and public records for title defects emerging from outstanding liens, ownership disputes, open mortgages, and other encumbrances that may impact a property purchase or investment. In some cases, there may simply be gaps in the chain of title or clerical errors in title filing.

Benefits of Your NJ Property Title Search

As an important step in the title insurance process, the property title search is more than a mere formality. To protect your property investment and your peace of mind, choose an experienced company that can help you avoid costly surprises or ownership risks. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Tax judgments or bankruptcy proceedings
  • Outstanding liens
  • Forged or fraudulent deed signatures
  • Unknown heir or previous owner property claims
  • Zoning violations
  • Property usage restrictions
  • Probate issues

During your property title search, Certified Title Professional (CTP) Danny May and his team examine a variety of documents to locate title defects or potential risks. Helpful documents include utility assessments, tax forms, prior liens and judgments, and other public records.

Once the property title search is complete, it allows owners or investors to purchase a title insurance policy that will protect them from ownership issues that arise after closing. Black River Title provides lender and owner title insurance policies that safeguard all parties from financial and legal risk. Together with our industry-leading underwriter, we partner with homeowners, attorneys, lenders, and property developers to streamline real estate transactions.

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Before you consider a major property investment, connect with the Certified Title Professionals at Black River Title. Our property title searches and title insurance expertise offer valuable protection for lenders and property owners, and our no-hassle settlement services make it easy for you to finalize your real estate transaction quickly and accurately. Order a title search today, or call the Black River team: 908.979.8982.

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