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Protecting clients and their real estate investments, Black River Title performs a comprehensive tax lien search to determine if a judgment has been placed on your property by a government entity. The effects of a tax lien are long lasting and may hinder an owner’s future ability to rent a home, purchase a house, or acquire a new job.
There are several other consequences to a government tax lien:

  • Gives the Internal Revenue Service a legal right to claim your property as payment for back taxes
  • Lowers your credit score & prevents you from establishing credit for major purchases
  • Progresses to a tax levy, allowing the IRS to seize your assets

Consequences of Federal Tax Liens for Real Estate Investors

If a prospective property has a lien against the owner, they likely cannot sell the property until the lien is removed. As a buyer, you may negotiate payment for back taxes to clear a federal tax lien, but it’s important to weigh the property value and other factors before agreeing to this. Our Certified Title Professionals (CTPs) will provide the information you need to make a wise investment decision.

Federal tax lien searches can be complex. At Black River Title, Danny May and his team of title professionals will work with the IRS, Collection Technical Services Advisory Group (TS), county clerk’s offices, and credit reporting agencies to narrow the lien search and deliver peace of mind for lenders, banks, and commercial and residential investors.

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Property ownership rights depend on a free and clear property title. Black River Title conducts simple and complex property title searches, investigates federal tax liens, and offers a personal review of all findings. To schedule an appointment or speak with a member of our title team, call 908.979.8982 today. For your convenience, you can also reach a CTP by submitting a confidential online request.

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