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Partnering with lenders, buyers, attorneys, and developers, Black River Title provides commercial title insurance for properties throughout New Jersey. Title issues can arise after property closing, and undiscovered problems can impact ownership or lead to unexpected costs. Our comprehensive title search and examination process is conducted by Certified Title Professionals (CTPs) versed in the most complex commercial transactions and settlement issues.

Benefits of a Commercial Title Search

As the first essential step in the commercial title insurance process, your property title search (1) determines whether the seller has the legal right to offer the property, (2) affirms the property’s address and description, and (3) helps to uncover liens and other financial or legal encumbrances. Black River’s responsive title search services assure the success of your real estate transaction by finding title defects or issues such as:

  • Clerical or filing errors
  • Gaps in the chain of title
  • Outstanding liens
  • Overdue taxes
  • Deed restrictions or covenants
  • Easements or encroachments
  • Survey & boundary problems
  • Judgment decrees

A thorough commercial title search not only provides buyers and investors with a detailed ownership history; it also helps them determine whether the property’s legal description and zoning requirements fit the needs of their facility or business. Throughout your commercial real estate transaction, Black River Title acts as a single point of contact for the commercial title search, title insurance, and recording processes.

Request a Commercial Title Search

Commercial title insurance policies are available for lenders and property owners, and Black River Title partners with a proven industry leader to underwrite your title policy. To request a commercial title search, purchase a title policy, or inquire about commercial settlement services provided by our Certified Title Professional (CTP), call 908.979.8982 or inquire online. We will be in touch promptly to discuss your title service requirements.

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