Title Insurance & Title Search Services

Black River Title services provide peace of mind while safeguarding one of the largest investments you will ever make. Improperly investigated title issues occurring in the distant or recent past could cause you to lose your home or property investment, battle with unresolved liens, or experience devastating financial loss. Offering decades of combined experience and the industry’s highest NJ title designation, Black River Title provides reputable title services for commercial, residential, homebuilder, and lending partners.

Title Search in NJ

Black River Title ensures that the property you are purchasing or investing in has a title that is clear and insurable. Title searches are designed to validate ownership and uncover a variety of costly issues, such as:

  • Unpaid taxes, mortgages, or litigations
  • Undisclosed wills or property heirs
  • Easements or property restrictions
  • Fraudulent filings or forged signatures
  • Construction or subcontractor liens
  • Special building restrictions that may impact use
  • Errors in public record or the title chain

Certified Title Professional Danny May and the Black River team will conduct your NJ title search by performing a comprehensive examination of historical documents and public records. Even new construction should undergo an exhaustive title search, since buyers and investors must be made aware of usage rights, easements, occupancy limitations, and potential encroachments.

Title Insurance Services

While many people are unfamiliar with the advantages of NJ title insurance, it is essential protection against real estate risk. Partnering with a leading industry underwriter, Black River Title insures your property against title issues such as:

  • Public document recording errors
  • Identity theft & forged documents
  • Undisclosed heirs or other claims to ownership
  • Mortgages or unpaid taxes
  • Liens or other judgments

Purchase NJ Title Services

Black River Title is experienced in all phases of the title search and insurance process, and our credentialed, knowledgeable staff is ready to safeguard you against title defects and claims.

Comprehensive title services include:

Together with our underwriter, First American Title, we offer a record of superior service and the financial strength to protect clients against title risk and loss. To learn more about title insurance for lenders or property owners, or to speak with a member of the Black River Title team, call 908.979.8982 or submit an online inquiry.

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