Flood & Tidelands Search in NJ

New Jersey real estate acquisitions may be impacted by unknown flood and tidelands designations that can deter financing and development. Tidal flows may not be evident in the present, but New Jersey may continue to hold a claim on the property. A flood and tidelands search by Danny May, Certified Title Professional (CTP), and his team at Black River Title will expose these hidden risks and uncover historical grants, leases, and licenses that may have resolved the situation.

NJ Flood & Tidelands Search Procedures

Using ALTA (American Land Title Association) best practices, the Black River Title professionals perform these NJ flood and tidelands search functions:

  • Establish property boundaries, improvements & elevations
  • Study aerial photos, street maps & flood zone designations
  • Determine applicable flood zones using FEMA guidelines & Geographic Information System maps
  • Identify available flood insurance coverage
  • Expose present & past tidal waterways
  • Identify NJ riparian rights attached to the land
  • Discover previously granted licenses, leases & no claim designations

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The decision to pursue a property acquisition in a NJ flood zone or tideland carries enormous risk. Knowing the availability of flood insurance coverage or NJ leasing procedures and fees will keep you from wasting time and effort. A flood and tidelands search by the Black River Title team gives you the information you need to make an informed decision. To schedule a property survey or title search, call 908-979-8982 or contact us confidentially online.

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